Our self-manufactured conveyors and complete transportation systems is also a core of our business. They are characterized by high quality and compact design (only 50mm idle end unit and very compact drive unit) as well as unique solution of the strip deflection, which allows you to mount two belt conveyors close to each other without disturbing parts. With this belt-to-belt system can be realizied a perfect transition of articles.

You can select from following conveyor types:

  • belt conveyors from a width of 50mm
  • vacuum belt conveyors from a width of 120mm
  • incline and obliquely-mounted belt conveyors
  • dual-lane belt conveyors (for example for bottom patch control or for use of the weight units)
  • chain conveyors

The spectrum of the different solutions, which has gathered in the course of decades, is simply unmatched. We are sure, that we can always offer a suitable, qualitive and above all, cost-efficient solutions to you.

Handling (chain linkages for blow-mold machines)

  • from the blow mould-machine (Flat or chain link conveyor)
  • Patch control systems
  • Turning stations
  • Article junction
  • Patch conveyors